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Build Wealth

I will show you how to protect your family and achieve your financial goals.  Life insurance is important in case you die too soon.  A safe retirement plan is important in case you live too long. Make sure that at least some of your retirement dollars are protected from an economic downturn.  It is not how much you earn, it is how much you keep! Our products offer tax-favorable solutions; some grow tax-deferred while others grow tax-free.  The ideal situation is tax-free growth AND tax-free income.  We can do that!  Our innovative products provide an effective way to hedge against inflation, taxation, and market correction.

Don't outlive your retirement!  Receive a monthly income that is guaranteed for life, no matter how long you live!

Protect Wealth

Many of my clients have achieved their goals and want to protect their nest egg from future medical expenses.  I have hybrid-LTC products that will not only accomplish this, but also will pay a tax-free benefit to a beneficiary if you are lucky enough not to need extended medical care.  

E.g.,  60 year old can re-position $100,000, pay no premiums, and instantly create $450,000 of Long-Term Care dollars and $150,000 of death benefit, ALL TAX-FREE!

Transfer Wealth

Do you want to leave a Legacy?  Would you like to leave money to your church, your library, or favorite charity?  This can also be done on a tax-free basis, and with some simple estate planning, you may be able to deduct your premium dollars as well.

Imagine, saving for your future while eliminating risk, benefiting from a strong market, but protected from a market downturn, having tax-free growth AND tax-free retirement income that won't effect your Social Security.  

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